This is what I think about a good bit of the time: how random are the relationships that bring substance and significance to our lives.

Forgive me for this: It was but a wild act of impulse, followed by another wild act of impulse (or two) that led to meeting, falling in love with, and marrying my husband. (To be fair, it was exactly the same for him.)

I totally agree with the person I heard on the radio today talking about this: The most important decision you make in your life—more significant than where you live, where you go to school, what you choose as a career—is whom you marry.

Yes, yes. And Good Lord it can be so random.

But I have gotten off track. This post is about my amazing friend Maria, who came into my life in a most unexpected way, but who is such a remarkable part of its baseline today. Maria brings all of this to my days: Calm. Creativity. Wisdom. Perspective. Beauty. Inspiration. Grace.

And the art for the header of thedailygrace, both that with which you are familiar and today’s gorgeous update.

And her own remarkable illustrated series, WORDLESS NEWS, which you can (and should) follow here: Studio Ria.

This is what my husband says about Maria’s daily wordless news illustration:


And I love her enough to just let that slide.

Thank you, Studio Ria. Thank you, Maria!

Editor’s Note #1: If you ever have trouble guessing at the news story an illustration represents—don’t fret. Maria graciously offers a link to it at the top of her Wordless News post each day.)

Editor’s Note #2:  This is my favorite.

eleven wishes on 11.11.11 at 11:11

maria fabrizio (who created the beautiful masthead for this blog!)

check out her design studio online at www.studio-ria.com 

In no particular order

  1. To have one perfect, fluffy snow this winter
  2. Less humidity
  3. A happy holiday season for my brother and his wife in japan
  4. To grow 4 inches taller
  5. A client that will allow me to use a llama illustration
  6. For every student I have to find a job quickly after graduation
  7. Many lives for my cat
  8. Inspiration
  9. Seriously, a cure for cancer
  10. Arrested development to return to tv
  11. More numerically symmetrical days.

cathy monetti

  1. i wish my sister-in-law could live a healthy life without chemo or radiation or endless trips to Mayo
  2. i wish Clemson would end the season 12-1
  3. i wish i knew how to meditate
  4. i wish i didn’t have to wash my face before bedtime
  5. i wish i had known my father-in-law, Bob Monetti
  6. i wish sharon todd (my high school friend) and i lived in the same town
  7. i wish tim and i had a cabin in the mountains
  8. i wish i liked to run
  9. i wish all my closets and drawers were organized and stayed that way
  10. i wish i had a built-in refrigerator (does that make me shallow?)
  11. i wish i could take a trip with my mother