Remembering Sully and smiling.

JULY 2011. Our sweet, sweet next door neighbors, the Copes, had just put in a pool. This thrilled their tiny children (who are nearly grown—how does this happen) to no end and still the joy of those kids hardly compared to the joy of their dog. Sully swam lap after lap every morning, perfecting the corner turn and ultimately shedding 15 pounds!

SULLY SWIMS. (Check out how he maximizes every square inch of that pool.)

We lost precious Sully on Monday.

His swimming days may have been long past, but the happy he brought to all of us who loved him never wavered.

We will miss you, precious friend.


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Day 12: Cheer up. It’s Sully!

Mud and muck, that’s the state of our lake following the deluges we’ve experienced for the last 14 days here at Bickley’s Pond.

It’s also the state of the Cope’s pretty pool, and poor Sully—that sweet yellow lab who takes his summer swim training rather seriously—well, let’s just say he’s downcast.

It’s all so sad. It’s all so brown. It’s all so … yuck.

Let’s cheer ourselves up, shall we?

Sully, in brighter days, when the pool was new and the sun shown and every moment offered the promise of Just One More lap.

30 Days of Fun II