Seems Like a Perfect Day for This. #surprisingHawaii



We made the hike down into Hawaii’s Pololu Valley, a steep, rocky path that offered grand payoffs like this.




At the base we found a black sand beach and one of the prettiest views of our trip. (My photos do not do it justice, I assure you.) Then you merely needed turn around to see this.


this photo does not do it justice, I assure you
the view to the valley


Oh, Hawaii. Surpising Hawaii.



Haleakala #surprisinghawaii

You gotta wanna see something in the worst way to get up at 3am to drive your rental car (in the dark) up a mountain (severe curves) with cliff edges (closing my eyes) and no guard rails (i’m on the floor). But that’s what’s required if you wanna see the sun rise from Maui’s highest peak, Haleakala, at 10,023 feet.

It’s also cold up there, I might mention, something you don’t generally consider when packing for a Hawaiian vacation.

But oh the rewards.

First, there is the night sky. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to the stars, and the hour we spent standing at the peak in the dark was as phenomenal as the promised sunrise. Wow.

Then this happened.


haleakala 1










It took a while to realize the horizon we could see in in the distance was not land or sea, but clouds. We were watching the sun rise from above the clouds.




it’s like being outside the airplane


A view of the Pacific from the opposite side of the summit pretty much sums it up. The dark point you see lying across the bay is a shadow.


the mountain’s shadow


We stayed for a while, unable to take it all in.


our shadows take in Haleakala’s


Oh Haleakala. You did not disappoint–even if that drive very nearly put me over the edge!




A little Daily Grace in your inbox? I say yes!


I’m on vacation. In Hawaii. And I (sort of) vowed to (sort of) stand down from a lot of social media activity.

This hasn’t exactly happened.

For instance, I have posted photos to Instagram about a thousand times a day. I mean, how can I not? I’m in Hawaii, for heaven’s sake.

(Have you been here? Do you know how surprising Hawaii is???)

And so I’m thinking one teeny tiny little photo here is not really going overboard. Is it?


the dancing palms


I mean, I miss you guys! Okay, speaking of surprising. One more.


Do you know how much of Hawaii looks like this?


Can’t wait to show you more. And tell you more, soon!