Friday Love 1.31.14

a little roundup of things that inspired me this week

1. theSkimm, Superbowl edition  I thank my sister-in-law, Colette, for alerting me to this fast, fabulous daily e-news service called theSkimm. Today’s version is a quick download of all the most interesting things about Sunday’s Superbowl. Check it out. Sports fanatic or not, it’s just fun.

2. The Stitch Block Cowl, from purl bee   I covet. Would someone make this for me? Please? (The link includes the pattern.)

photo credit: the purl bee

3.  The Gap from Ira Glass      What is the difference between a hack and an artist? According to Ira Glass, it’s volume. In a talk beautifully animated by photographer and artist Daniel Sax, Glass talks about doing the work to cross the gap between recognizing (“taste”) and creating (“skills”). And that requires some serious volume. A fascinating theory on the creative process that promises there’s hope for any of us willing to put in the time.


3.  Wordless News 1.28.14     I love every illustration the fabulous Maria Fabrizio creates for her astounding project, Wordless News. And this one from January 28th? I love love love. Take a peek and see what happens when an artist (who has clearly crossed The Gap) reports a top news story using exactly NO words. And she does it five days a week. Just wow. (Note: At the bottom of each post, Maria provides links to word-filled news stories if you want more context.)

5. The Dark ‘n Stormy      It’s the national drink of Bermuda, and it’s also the cocktail that got us through Storm Leon. The link here is to the recipe from Goslings. I must confess we added a splash of simple syrup, an option we discovered during a fun dinner with friends at Cafe Caturra last weekend. (Did you know they have feathers hanging in the restaurant?) The Dark ‘n Stormy. Mmmmm.


Day 19: DIY Holiday Craft Roundup ~ 8 Favs

Here’s what I adore most about the world wide web: It delivers to me a little present every time I click on a link to a blog I love.

This holiday I have been particularly happy with the gifts of my “handmade” rss feed. Here are a few of my favs—some little gifts from me to you, my friend!

from the purl bee

Twisted Felt Garland, from The Purl Bee

from p.s. it's in the details

DIY Gingerbread Man, from  p.s. it’s in the details on papernstitch

from Knack Studios

The Fundamentals of Ornamentals, from Knack Studios on The Good Life blog

from Green Eyed Monster

Button Garland, from Green Eyed Monster

from The Good Life

 Book Page Wreath, from The Good Life

DIY Sweater Soap from Green Eyed Monster

from Green Eyed Monster

Wooden Gift Tags, from Green Eyed Monster

from elSage Designs

DIY Lino Cut Stamp & Gift Tag, from elSage Designs, on Poppytalk


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