Day 7: Work Work Knit

Days are full at Montreat, highlighted by daily rehearsals for the Music and Worship closing concert. It’s a remarkable experience to sing in a choir of this size and caliber, not to mention the honor of being under the direction of Dr. Brad Holmes. I have learned so much.

Then we had an idea. We’d be staying in the mountains through the weekend. What if I taught Cindy to knit?

And just like that we zipped out to the world famous Black Mountain Yarn Shop.


a good sign


a very good sign
a very good sign


We oohed and aahed at the gorgeous colors, textures, and possibilities of all the yarn. We talked knitting strategy. And then we made the oh-so-difficut final selection.

Wait till you see how it knits up, I promised, giddy to see the gleam in my friend’s eye.


look at her go


Oh, yes. Two days of practice and I do believe we have populated the world with another passionate knitter.

How fun is that?




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