Adventure Ahead

You know I love playing along with Australian blogger Fat Mum Slim’s Photo-a-Day prompts on Instagram. It encourages me to keep my eyes open to all the beautiful and interesting in the world around me.

For February, I’ve cheated a bit and rebuilt my month to use only photos from our vacation in Hawaii. We were not there all 29 days (unfortunately) so I hope you will forgive me this indulgence. It was such fun to relive and reconsider!


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A little Daily Grace in our inbox? Yes, yes, yes!


I’m on vacation. In Hawaii. And I (sort of) vowed to (sort of) stand down from a lot of social media activity.

This hasn’t exactly happened.

For instance, I have posted photos to Instagram about a thousand times a day. I mean, how can I not? I’m in Hawaii, for heaven’s sake.

(Have you been here? Do you know how surprising Hawaii is???)

And so I’m thinking one teeny tiny little photo here is not really going overboard. Is it?


the dancing palms


I mean, I miss you guys! Okay, speaking of surprising. One more.


Do you know how much of Hawaii looks like this?


Can’t wait to show you more. And tell you more, soon!